Members Section & Finances

  • Dear Family and Friends of Elim Tabernacle:

    Current Board Members are Ted Burmaster,  

    Bill Ansley, Tim Richardson, Brian Haines, 

    Debbie Ramsay, Mike Mousseau & 

    Darlene Kars  

  • The Annual Church Meeting will take place on Sunday March 24, 2024 right after the morning service. 


    Board Nominations are open now until Jan 28th for

    4 Board Positions. Members please find your nomination documents in your church mailbox. 


    4 Positions are to be filled. The current members available for re-elections are  Debbie Ramsay, Brian Haines, Mike Mousseau and Darlene Kars as well as any member.  

    Memebership Lists are in your Package. 


    If you are not currently a member and would like to be one, Please fill in the membership application which is in the holder on wall by the side door.  Fill out form and return to the church office. 

  • IF you are unable  to attend church and would like to continue to give there are a number of ways to do so:

    etransfer, set up preauthorized debits, or drop your giving to the church during regular office hours Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4 pm  Arrangements can be made if you are shut in to have your offering picked up at your home. 



    How to set up etransfer: 

    1) You will initially set up the particulars on your online banking to begin making EMT's to Elim 

    2) Address for EMT giving:

    3) The questions you need to input is: What year was the church built?

    4) The answer you need to input is : year1965

    You can also designate area's that you would like your offering or tithes to go in the message sections of the transfer.

    The sender will receive an email once the EMT has bee accepted. 


    Thank You for your faithful support of Elim.