Men's Ministries    ON HOLD 


    Theme:                    The Church in Babylon - Heeding the call

                                    To be a Light in the darkness by Erwin  Luther

    Leader:                     Greg Komhyr

    Where:                     Conference Room

    When:                      Fourth Sunday Evening from 6:00 - 7:30 pm  

    Why:                        To study the Bible with men of like faith.

                                     To encourage one another in our walk with God, in our 

                                     family, our workplace or other avenues of service that God

                                     has called us to.

                                     To provide opportunity to encourage men who may

                                     not have committed their life to Jesus to do so in a safe and

                                     supportive group.

                                     To pray for each other and the needs of our church and

                                     missionaries that we support both locally and globally.

  • Adult Bible Study   


    What:                        Pastor Ed Moran & Pastor Kjiersdam

                                      Study of Phillipians 

    When:                       Tuesday 7:00pm -Zoom class 

                                      Contact the office if you would like to participate                

                                     On site  Bible Study on HOLD 


    Where:                       Conference Room  

    Why:                          To study the Bible and grow in your faith 

    What to Expect         A time of Bible study and prayer for the needs

                                      of our church. 





  • Small Groups      ON HOLD      


    When:                           Third Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm                   

    Where:                          Dale and Mary Robertson's Home 

                                          60 Cambridge Place 

    Why:                            These small groups meet for the purpose of making

                                          connection, enjoying fellowship, and creating                                                   disciples of Jesus Christ.

    What to Expect:         A time of social interaction with other people of all 

                                            ages and from all walks of life, indepth Bible Study                                             and/or a Christian book study. Snacks are usually                                                served.

                                          If you are interested in joining a small group,

                                          contact the church office at 705. 942. 2010  and we will

                                          connect you with a group leader

    Themes:                        "Christian"  by Andy Stanley 

    Leader:                         Tim Kahtava  




  • Ladies Bible Study 


    What:                           Ladies Bible Study

    When:                           Friday Sept 25  12:00 - 12:45 

    Where:                          Zoom Meeting  Call the church to register 

    Why:                             For Encouragement and Study 

    Leader:                          Judy Watts 

    Theme:                          " In the Eye of the Storm" by Max Lucado